Everything You Need to Know Before You Visit Capurganá


Everything You Need to Know Before You Visit Capurganá

May 2, 2019 By development
Following on from our Sapzurro guide, we’d like to write a similar guide to Capurganá, helping our guests make the most of this beautiful Colombian town! Capurganá is a little out of the way, but we think that’s a large part of the appeal. As we pick up or set down our guests from the nearby Sapzurro (depending on whether you’re doing our Colombia-to-Panama trip or our Panama-to-Colombia trip), we think all of our guests should spend some time in Capurganá and we’d like to give you several reasons why and suggest a few activities to help you make the most of it!

An Introduction to Capurganá

In contrast to Sapzurro small size, Capurganá is the largest settlement in this part of Colombia, but it’s still small in comparison to most other tourist destinations. Capurganá is a good spot for anyone looking to mingle with other tourists and locals, grabbing a few drinks by the beach. Capurganá is a popular tourist destination for Colombians looking for a little beach holiday, so you can expect a great party atmosphere and lots of friendly faces.   Despite being larger than Sapzurro, Capurganá still doesn’t have any roads, and this is something most visitors find very appealing. If you’re looking for a slow-paced stay somewhere away from cars and the general hustle and bustle of things, then Capurganá is perfect for you! Other than walking, the only way to get around this part of Colombia is to travel by horse (and cart) or bicycle! While we gave a rundown of the limited amount of restaurants and eateries in Sapzurro, there are far more places to get a bite to eat in Capurganá. You can except very similar fare to Sapzurro, but with a little more variety; get ready for lots of delicious fried fish and fresh vegetables — all with a Colombian twist.

Top Tip: Come with all the cash you’re likely to need for your trip

Sapzurro, Capurganá, and La Miel (which we’ll discuss in the next blog) are all off the beaten track, so it’s difficult to get access to a working cash point. Capurganá does have an ATM, but it doesn’t always work and you need to use it with the permission of the local tourist agency, which is less than ideal… But this is just the price you pay for visiting such a delightfully isolated place! We recommend coming with all of the cash you’re likely to need for the trip — or at least until to reach somewhere with lots of ATMs.

Things to do in Capurganá

While you’ll find Capurganá peaceful, there is still plenty to do if you’re keen to make the most of your stay. (Note: making the most of your stay might well consist of relaxing on the beach, with a cocktail in hand!) You can take a walk into the nearby jungle and keep an eye out for the various different monkeys and beautiful birds of paradise. While on your walk, you might like to take a swim in the shallow waters around Capurganá — the water in the nearby bay in Sapzurro is especially tranquil, making it the perfect spot for swimming. You might also like to take a trip to El Aguacate. El Aguacate is a beautiful little bay an hour and a half walk south of Capurganá. If you don’t want to walk that far you can hire a boat. El Aguacate is stunning and it’s the perfect spot to try a bit of snorkelling. You can also visit a collection of beautiful waterfalls and pools called El Cielo. El Cielo is in the jungle with various rivers criss-crossing past each other. We highly recommend hiking through this area; it’ll give you the feeling that you’re out exploring in the wilderness. We hope this short guide has inspired some of guests to make the most of their stay in Capurganá. Please get in touch if you have any questions about Capurganá or about our island-hopping trips across the San Blas Archipelago. Start planning your next big adventure with San Blas Adventures!          

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